Krzysztof Lewandowski - Kancelaria Progres

Krzysztof Lewandowski

In the world of accountancy, Krzysztof is is the real deal. He is the head of the accountancy department at our Law Firm and is responsible for maintaining account books and registers for large companies, financial reporting as well as performing financial risk and benefit analyses for entrepreneurs.

Krzysztof is an ISO system auditor and ISO runs through his veins, which should come as no surprise as Quality is his middle name. He is a true Master in terms of supporting quality management systems: ISO9001, 14001, AQAP, WSK (Internal Control System) – his entire skill set has been confirmed with a certificate of an internal ISO auditor. When other kids dreamt of finding their favourite toys under the Christmas tree, the little Krzysztof was hoping for an abacus and an ISO certificate.

He appreciates meeting deadlines, reliability and creativity.  He remains accountable not only for his own work but also for the work of his entire team; he values continuous development. A long-term black belt in accounting.

Executive Manager at the Accountancy Department