Ewa Michalska - Kancelaria Progres

Ewa Michalska

Ewa Michalska, aka Madame Progrès.
The President of the Management Board, a Tax Consultant, Deputy Chairperson of the Zachodniopomorskie Province Division of the Polish Chamber of Tax Consultants, a balance sheet accountant with over 20 years of experience, a financial analyst, a trainer and a consultant regarding fiscal law, economic law and running all kinds of organizational forms of business. She conducts company audits, handles reorganization, modelling and restructuring processes. Specializes in: company restructuring processes, company mergers, divisions and appraisal. She offers extensive experience in succession processes at family-owned enterprises and is a certified succession manager. Acts as a consultant for international and multi-branch companies.
Enumerating every position included in her set of competences and her scope of responsibilities would be a challenging task. The resolute look in her eyes tells you a lot about her personality – she has the soul of a founder of new lands combined with eagerness to take action. Bridging gaps and development of entrepreneurship on the European stage is at the heart of Ewa’s interests. She remains locally present and active, reaches beyond what is known to fully capitalize on her growth potential and achieve her goals. Ewa strives to become an embodiment of a new type of economy: supportive and creative. Professionally, she is always ready for new challenges and curious about what tomorrow brings. At her soul, she loves art and beauty.
The President of the Management Board, a TAX CONSULTANT with registration No. 10821, qualification certificate issued by the Minister of Finance No. 32427/02 for commercial maintenance of account books.